Feast Your Eyes On VITO CAFE: Italian Restaurant From Japan

Yes you've read that right, ViTO Cafe is an italian restaurant that originated from Japan.
Let me share with you my wonderful experience at ViTO Cafe. On friday nights, my officemates and I try out new restos or just explore the different food places in Makati just because we love eating and bonding over it.

It is a nice little group I have that shares the same love for food and I also love that they support me in my Blogging/Vlogging :D (Thanks FNG! You guys know who you are. haha)

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A Scent of Italy's Wind

So according to their General Manager, Michael L. So, it all originated from the Japanese owner of ViTO's love for Gelato from Italy.

From there he adopted the Italian way of making Gelato and with ingredients from Italy as well. Added other food items and building a cafe at the same time.

They are located at 2885 Finlandia, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila and is open everyday from 12PM to 10PM

To be honest this is quite an intimidating cafe as the outside of it looks so good. It looks like a posh cafe, though it actually is one.

They have 2 floors which have ample amount of space and seating.. They have power outlets and WIFI which is good for those wanting to do work here or do meetings too! They have a separate conference/VIP room for those needing a private space for business meetings and other functions.\

The place is well lit and have this relaxed vibe. It is actually quite nice.

As you can see, they have decorated for Halloween, as these photos are taken before Halloween actually. Hahaha

Here are Team FNG minus one member, but met a new friend!

The Food and the Verdict

We ordered almost ALL best sellers of Vito Cafe. ALMOST ALL. hahaha
By the way, they offer not just gelato but also sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and more. 

Here are the list of food we ordered and their prices:
- Bismark Pizza (Php 400)
- Mentai Pasta (Php 420)
- Shrimp Cream Pasta (Php 300)
- Sisig Fries
- Gelato Shake Nutella Flavor (Php 200)
- Gelato Shake Strawberry (Php 200)
- Gelato 2 Scoops (Php 200)

Here are the photos:
2 Scoops Gelato

Strawberry Gelato Shake

Nutella Gelato Shake

Shrimp Cream Pasta

Mentai Pasta

Sisig Fries

Bismark Pizza
 Just a few shots of the pizza being prepared(they make it fresh every order in a brick oven, legit!)

The pastas are amazing! Noodles are al-dente, the sauces are amazing, the shrimp and the squid are cooked perfectly. Overall a 10/10

The Pizza is also amazingly done. There is definitely the distinct taste of having the pizza cook on a brick oven fire. The prosciutto tastes great, combined with the sauce and the melted cheese topped with a sunny side up egg...and yeahhhhh it's so delicious!

The Gelato shakes do taste too sweet for me..but for the sweet tooth, it will be heaven for sure. I know coz we have a friend who loves it haha

THE SISIG FRIES IS A MUST TRY. Won't tell you any spoilers. JUST ORDER IT.

Their gelato is definitely one of the best I've tasted though. It has a smooth creamy texture with not so overpowering flavors.

Everything was amazing...except

The Price. 

IT IS EXPENSIVE I tell you. But here's what I'd like you to know too... the price is actually justified with the ingredients used, the quality of each one and the taste. It really is worth it. 

So because of the price, this may not be for everyone. What I do recommend is when you do have some extra cash and want to splurge and indulge yourself in good food with a good ambiance and service.. then try Vito Cafe out. 

Treat yourself a little at times :)


I loved the food, I loved the place, the staff are nice and friendly and attentive. 
The power sockets and wifi are definitely a plus for me. 
The spacious cafe and very cozy ambiance are a plus for me.

I enjoyed our time there! 
I won't recommend this if you're on a very tight budget. 

But if you have money to spend, definitely try it out!

Thank you so much for reading this blog! 

Oh, and I made a resto feature video!

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