Get Your First 100 Subscribers On Youtube!

Getting the First 100 Subscribers is crucial to anyone who's wanting to be a Youtube Content Creator. In this blog we will tackle on steps that I took to get to my first 100 Subscribers on Youtube!

Why Is It Crucial?

Well, there are a few reasons why you want to hit that 100 as soon as you can.
  • You unlock the Custom Channel URL
    • Instead of having the long sting of letters and numbers for your URL, you may customize it once you hit a 100 subscribers. 
    • ex. www.youtube.com/gabjornacion (#ShamelessPlug)
  • Helps with the SEO/Searchability of your channel via Google Search
  • It's easier to remember 
  • Professional looking


I'm a big advocate of growing organically on social media as it builds REAL FANS/SUPPORTERS than trying to rush things and doing illegal stuff like buying followers/sub4sub/etc. 

Please don't misinterpret when I say "As soon as you can". Don't rush and let things flow naturally :)

Also, there are other factors that may not be part of this blog post on how you can get more subscribers. External factors that may affect your chances of being subscribed on such as the Youtube Algorithm, your content, etc. 

Lastly, I'll be speaking through my own experiences and things I've learned along the way. Our circumstances might be different so please take that into consideration. This is NOT by all means a GUARANTEED WAY to get to your first 100. 

How I Got The Big 1-0-0 

Okay, this is just a few things I did to get to a 100 Subs.. it may or may not work for you and again, other factors may affect the speed at which this actually works for you. Also, don't rush and force it :)

1) Uploading Your Videos Consistently

This may be the most simplest of them all, but seriously, just upload videos. Uploading consistently with content that makes you happy, can help you gain more subscribers as the algorithm favors ACTIVE youtubers. 

You don't have to do daily videos, even just a weekly video can get you by. No one wants to subscribe to a channel with little to no content. :)

I did an almost 2 month weekly upload trial and see what it will do to my views and subscriber count.
Upon checking my youtube analytics, I saw a gradual upward trend in terms of views in the graphs. The subscriber count also did a similar trend during this trial, which confirms that uploading consistently have a direct effect on your channel performance. 

2) Show your videos to friends and family

NOTE: They may or may not support you right away, but just let them see your work and let them decide if they want to support you by subscribing or not. Don't spam them too with your videos haha

Friends and family can help you gain that first few subscribers and some may even support you all the way with this. You just have to explain what you do and why you're doing it.  Just  don't be disheartened if they don't support you right away.

Show them how passionate you are and who knows? maybe they'd support you in the future :)

3) Join Forums and Groups that have Youtubers/Content Creators on it

Finding like minded creators is crucial(at least the way I see it) for your journey. You can find people who "already made it" or people who are better than you in doing videos. With being around such people, you gain knowledge and other tips that can help you grow and discover more ways to enhance your craft and overall be a better creator. 

They may also become your "Youtube Family" that truly supports you in your content as well.
Collaboration opportunities may also happen and may also help you gain more subscribers. 

Personally, I've made alot of friends through these groups and they are great motivators as well at times of hardships :)

BTW, I'm one of the admins of Youtube Vloggers PH facebook group, it's a group of Vloggers and Youtubers that aim to be a launchpad for your creator career. We help each other by providing workshops, meetups, and other opportunities that may help them in their careers. :)

If you're a Filipino(anywhere in the world), and you want to connect to other Filipino Content Creators, then please do join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/YoutubevloggersPH/

NOTE: Please don't succumb to the Sub4Sub culture. I'm telling you, you won't get far with it. 

4) Find Your Niche through experimentation

Of course, since you're starting out, you may not have an idea yet on what videos to make or what topics/niche to be in. Especially if you're like me who have lots of interests(tech, travel, food, etc)

This is actually a long discussion and may need to be in a separate blog post, but I guess to summarize:
  • Try different kinds of videos about your interests
    • Help Videos or How To Videos give tremendous value to viewers. For example, if you love food and know how to cook, you can do recipe/cooking videos. If you're into travel, you may do a quick travel guide or travel tips that you may have. 
    • Vlogs give an insight to who you are as a person, it is personal in nature and help build a connection to your potential audiences.
    • Creative Projects you can make a different style of video that cuts across your interests, it can be a short film about your passion, stop motion animation, and other styles of creative expressions. 
  • Try different interests to show on your videos
    • Create content based on your interests
    • Don't be afraid for your content to be mixed up when you're starting. Eventually, you'll see what type of contents you'll be able to do naturally and really focus on in the long run. 

5) Be Patient and don't focus on the numbers

It really takes time for things to go well when starting out. You have to be patient and just continue creating and not focusing on the numbers. This is a guide on how to reach your first 100 subscribers, but I want you to be able to enjoy the process and of course learning through experience and from others :)

6) Make Quality Content

Quality is subjective. People may find one thing to be good quality while others may find it not so good. But for me, Quality content is about the message/story/takeaway/learning that I can get watching these Youtube Videos.

Good quality content for me can be the following:

  • Provide Information on a topic I've probably searched for or I just find interesting in general(finding it on the browse page of Youtube)
  • Entertaining. Funny, shocking, interesting, etc. 
  • Compelling storytelling or experience

7) Just start!

Many people make a Youtube Channel and then doesn't do the effort of even STARTING a  video. Take the leap and do it! You can improve as you move along the journey and eventually you'll reach a 100 subs easily!

I hope this article helped you have an idea on how to get your first 100 subscribers on Youtube!

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