Huawei Developer Day Part 2!

Huawei Developer Day is an initiative to encourage developers to create or port their apps in Huawei Mobile Services which initially launched a month ago. Recently, a second round of the Huawei Developer Day was held for those who weren’t able to come last time and got to learn from the tech giant’s talented pool of speakers.

Having seen tremendous growth in the market share these past few years, Huawei is determined to provide a better experience to its device users. With this in mind, they aim to collaborate with app developers and mobile service providers around the world to onboard quality content and services to HMS. The Huawei Developer Day 2019 is the first step to building the Huawei Ecosystem.

Being in the IT industry myself, I personally admire this initiative of Huawei to train our programmers and developers and give them access to resources to put their applications to the Huawei Mobile Services. It gives everyone another platform to showcase their work and improve our lives via our mobile phones and I’m optimistic that our own pool of talent will do just that.

Huawei Mobile Services Developer Community (HDC)

What better way to strengthen this initiative is by also building a community of developers with a healthy mix of enthusiastic professionals and beginners that fosters collaborations and learning new technologies. 

By joining the HDC, app developers will have the opportunity to meet local developers with similar interests in technology. Huawei also claims that they will organize nationwide HDC Group meetups and events which will include talks on a wide range of technical topics where participants can learn new skills through hands-on workshop. This will be beneficial to the participants since they will get to meet like-minded people, learn from these people as well as learn from Huawei trainers with topics about HMS development.

Ken Liang, Huawei Consumer Cloud Operation Director of Asia Pacific, proudly announced the launch of the HMS Developer Community and with excitement he said, “We are aware of the Filipinos talent for programming and coding and with the HMS Developer Community, we aim to bring this talented pool together not only for HMS integration but for them to be exposed to the latest technologies and career opportunities Huawei can offer.”

The Huawei Developer Day was concluded with a coding competition and followed by an awarding ceremony among the participants present. The winners who showed outstanding talent were Jensen Louise Lim, 3rd place, winning a Huawei Watch GT2 followed by Reggie Rey Tesan, 2nd place, winning a Huawei Mate 30 and the one who dominated the competition placing 1st, winning a Huawei Mate 30 Pro was Tom Chua.

A Fully-Integrated Huawei Mobile Services

The program was divided into various segments focusing on different kits needed to fully integrate into HMS and among the newly introduced kits is the Huawei ML Kit which provides developers with Vision and Language services based on machine learning technology. This also provides developers with a natural interaction experience and intelligence. Vision services include text recognition, face detection, image labeling, object detection and tracking, landmark recognition, to name a few. While Language services include ASR, TTS, language identification and translation which will be released during the 2nd quarter of 2020.

According to Lark Hu, Huawei’s Chief Machine Learning Architect, “We believe that with the help of talented Filipino developers and programmers, we can further build a seamless ecosystem that will benefit not only the Philippines but other countries as well.”

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