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Kevin "Gab" Jornacion is a full-time IT Professional for an IT Solutions Provider company, Youtube Content Creator and Vlogger and an Aspiring Photographer and Film Maker. This is not the first time that he is blogging but this will be the first PERSONAL lifeblog about his interests and will be featuring topics such as photography, youtube SEO or anything related to youtube, entertainment, food, technology/gadgets, travel, social media and anything he finds interesting in the interwebs :)

A proud member of the online community for Youtube Vloggers and Content creators called the Youtube Vloggers PH and the Vlog Rangers

-------QUICK FAQ's ABOUT ME----------
1) I'm a Thomasian Alumnus, graduated April 2013 for a degree in Information Technology
2) Loves and plays music (guitar,bass,drums)
3) Based somewhere in QC
4) Owns a gadget store for action cams
5) Tech Geek, loves to learn new technology and innovations
6) Started a youtube channel last March 2017 and as of today(07/22/17) has 116 subscribers and growing. Check out my channel here: Gab Jornacion
7) Loves food(Who doesn't?)
8) Loves to explore new places with friends and family
9) To inspire someone,even just one person, to take charge of their lives and living the life that they want, that is one of the ultimate goals I have through the things that I share on Youtube and this Blog.
10) I love to learn and experience new things!

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