The Attack Arena by Archery Attack Philippines

The Attack Arena is a lifestyle centre for recreation, fitness, music and art!
Its mainly the headquarters for Archery Attack Philippines but will also be home to a variety of events and activities.

Archery Attack is a brand new combat simulation sport that is a mix of Dodgeball with the mechanics of Airsoft and skill of archery.

We've been invited to experience Archery Attack as well as celebrate the Grand Opening of the Attack Arena!

Check out my vlog here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The overall experience is awesome! It gives off an adrenaline rush like no other!
The game starts by having ALL arrows in the center line while both teams are back against the wall until the whistle blows and its time to get the arrows and start shooting. It's super fun and definitely great for families and friends wanting to try out this new sport.

Good thing I went with my YTVPH Fam and we definitely bonded over this!

The Attack Arena can be found on congressional Avenue Extension, Project 8, Brgy. Culiat, Quezon City
Here are the rates for all ACTIVITIES that can be done in The Attack Arena:

If you are looking for an alternative free/body weight exercise while having fun with friends and family then I'd definitely recommend this to you!

Special thanks to Archery Attack Philippines and The Attack Arena for sponsoring us in this Vlog and Blog Post! :)

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