7 Things I loved about the ToyCon PopLife FanX 2018

Wow, can't believe it's been a month since this event took place. Got busy after the event that I didn't have time to write about it then..but heck.. I'm back! If you've read my previous blog about the ToyCon PopLife FanX 2018 Presscon and Media Launch, that in itself is preview of what happened in the said event.

So I've been going to ToyCon for almost 7 years in a row now and I've seen it grow from being in the small tradehalls of Megamall to having 2 or more trade halls, to now having it at the SMX Convention center! And it's not only the venue that's getting bigger.. Anyway this year, I went with alot of enthusiasm and passion as always..

Let me share with you a few things that I loved from this event!

7 things I loved about Toycon PopLife FanX 2018

1) The Guests are top notch! 

Hook's very own Rufio and Prince Zuku's Voice Dante Basco, the iconic Blue Power Ranger Time Force Michael Copon, X2's Lady Deathstrike Kelly Hu, Underworld's Raze Kevin Grevioux, Legendary Comic Book Artist Neal Adams, Japanese Teen Idols KissBee and the Sizzling Hot Sistar's Hyolyn graced the Toycon PopLife FanX 2018 Halls and Stages and mind you, these are heroes to alot of Toycon goers and having them here with us is just amazing!

ToyCon PopLife FanX definitely is taking things to a whole new level!

2) The EXCLUSIVE TOYCON 2018 Figures and Toys!

Of course the whole point of  ToyCon is to showcase the fandom for all Pop Culture shows and movies but of course also the Toys that come with them! What amazes me are not just toys from the existing Pop Culture on display, but also those that are MADE by our very own talented artists! 

One example is the TOYCON 2018 Exclusive Manila Killa:

Trese's Toycon Exclusive Figures:

and the Exclusive Toycon 2018 Mini Figure by PinoyLUG

3) ToyCon PopLife FanX 2018 focused greatly on local artists

A lot of the displays from artists are of local descent. Featuring them in this ToyCon is just perfect as it showcases their talent and skills in making amazing artworks, figures and toys.

For example, Toym Imao's Exhibit:

All hand sculpted from different materials and took inspiration from alot of anime icons!

4)  The Amazing Toy Gallery

Each year, ToyCon PH have been featuring a lot of toy enthusiasts and collectors through a specific section of the convention called the Toy Gallery. The Toy Gallery invites different toy collector groups and give them ample space to display their pride collection for others to see and appreciate. I particularly love this section because I get to see a lot of toys that are super rare nowadays and I'm just there standing and looking at these collections in awe.

Some even made amazing dioramas!  You can tell they just have so much passion for their toys and collections..

5) This Convention is FOR ALL AGES!

The passion and love for toys are not only for the kids but also for the kids at heart. This convention opens up a whole new level of bonding experience for both parents and children, students, professionals, and anyone else who share a common interest on toys and pop culture!

There's something for everybody here at ToyCon! Toys, Comics, Manga, Music, Games, Art and many more!


One of the highlights of Toycon has always been the trading or selling of toys and collectibles. Not only that but toy sellers also hold special discount sale for all their items in this particular event! So if you're a collector or someone who's wanting to find rare items at cheap prices then Toycon PopLife FanX 2018 was the place to be..

7) You can always find amazing Pinoy Cosplayers here!

Cosplayers always fascinates me especially those that really closely resembles any of the characters that they are portraying and also the creativity they put out in making their own costumes from different materials. Toycon PopLife FanX 2018 are full of these amazing cosplayers and they are all friendly and approachable too! Take a selfie with them or pose with them!

Did you know that one of the guests is a cosplayer of Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead?
He's known as Cecil Grimes and he's portraying Rick Grimes from that famous show and not only does he look like Andrew Lincoln, the actor playing Rick Grimes on the show, but he also sounds and talks like him. I was so shocked to find this out a WEEK after the event! He's that good!


This is just a short list of what I personally love about the ToyCon PopLife FanX 2018 and I definitely had a blast! Had loads of fun and awe in what transpired in the two days of covering the event. Too bad had to miss the last day due to a head injury I got from the 2nd Day's night. (I'm good now, don't worry 😉) 

Toycon PopLife FanX is continuously improving and growing and just tops up every year that came before it, exceeding expectations and always surprising Con-Goers with these amazing guests, activities and all that. I'm glad I attended my first ToyCon 7years ago and I'm really glad to have witnessed the growth that this convention has undergone and I'm definitely looking forward for what's to come with the next ToyCon! See you guys there!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog! Have you ever been to any of the Toycon PH events?
How was your experience? :D

Thank you Toycon PH Team for inviting me!

Toycon Posters: http://toyconph.com/
Other photos are personally taken by me.

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