Araneta Center Partners with UBE Express Offers Point To Point Service to NAIA!

If you are from the northern part of the metro and have a flight in NAIA, you can now go there with ease and comfort at the P2P Premium Bus(Point to Point) station at the Araneta Center.

Airport-bound passengers from Quezon City now have a more convenient option to travel as the Araneta Center partners with UBE Express, the Philippine’s first premium point-to-point bus service, to offer a new route from the bustling commercial district to the four terminals of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), and vice versa.

Get to the Airport for only 100PHP Fare!

Yup, for just 100php you can ride the P2P bus to any NAIA Terminal. 
This new service is seen as a big boost for commuters from the northeastern part of Metro Manila who are bound for or coming from the airport. 


Here is the official schedule of rides that are being offered by the Araneta Center.

As early as 7am there will be rides available from Araneta Center to NAIA Terminals.

Fully Air-conditioned, equipped with WiFi, GPS and CCTV

With the heavy traffic and congestion in Metro Manila, traveling to or from the airport can easily give the riding public a stressful goodbye or a taxing welcome. 

UBE Express aims to remedy this situation with its top-of-the-line buses that are fully air-conditioned, equipped with global positioning system (GPS) technology, Wi-Fi connection, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, and easy access to persons with disabilities.

While waiting before their trip to the airport, the riding public can also enjoy a throng of dining, shopping and leisure options in Araneta Center. Though they can also wait in the P2P Lounge.

Upon arriving from NAIA, they, too, have the option to  stay in Novotel Manila Araneta Center, located a few blocks away from the UBE Express lounge at the Araneta Center Bus Station, and enjoy what the country’s premier lifestyle and leisure hub has to offer. 

UBE Express recommends downloading their app on Android (iOS version to follow) to check on the real-time routes of the buses. 

My thoughts

When I first heard about this news, I was glad to have this option. As someone who gets deployed to almost every part of the country due to my full time job, it's always a hassle to go to NAIA when flying out. 

While Grab and other transportation are available, sometimes they are costly and a pain to book/find one that will accept to go from my place in QC to NAIA.

Also, I love that this is an initiative formed by two private companies and partnering up to deliver a public transportation solution to the riding public that are going to the airport. 

It's very convenient I must say and very helpful to those who live in QC or nearby areas.

I hope other companies follow the example of the Araneta Center here and taking on initiatives that will generally provide alternatives and possible solutions to anything they can help with. I believe Private and Public sectors should really work together and find solutions together and not fight/argue against each other. This is OUR country anyway. 

How about you guys? What do you guys think of this partnership and initiative? 

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