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In this blog post, I will share with you my thoughts about Chickapig so that you will know what to expect when you visit 8 Seas Food Adventure. This is part of the Food Guide Series which I've created specifically to tackle unique food finds in a particular place or each establishment.

NOTE: While we do get invited to try a resto/food place, the Feast Your Eyes PH team wants to assure you that we give only honest feedback and give you guys the real deal based on our experience Also, we would like you guys to know that whatever we find odd, you are assured that we've talked to the management or staff on deck about it so that they can correct it for future customers.

CHICKAPIG is one of the stalls you'll find on 8 Seas Food Adventure in Timog Ave., Quezon City.
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CHICKAPIG: Chicken Wings and Crispy Bagnet

Offering a variety of dishes that revolve around chicken and pork, Chickapig will surely satisfy your cravings. Their stall is located at beside Monapao Ribs and BBQ and Mr. Tentacles in 8 Seas Food Adventure. 

Their main dishes are worth Php130 to Php215 while their appetizers are Php80 above. 
Best sellers are their Garlic Parmesan Wings, Flavored Karaage, Shrimp Pops and their Crispy Bagnet.

Their dishes are actually developed on a comissary kitchen and are distributed to each Chickapig Stalls. When you order, they prepare and cook the food on the spot, making sure you get freshly cooked meals and treats each and every single time. 


Chicken Wings with Fries (Php 185(Buffalo), Php 195(Garlic Parmesan))

We are served with the Garlic Parmesan and Buffalo Wings. What I like about their wings is that it is above average size and the servings are quite decent(good for 2-3 persons). Their garlic parmesan is also prepared in a different way, they actually cook minced garlic with butter and then toss the deep fried wings into it while sprinkling the parmesan cheese on each toss. It gives off this real and nice buttery and garlicky flavor that is not coming from the usual powdered form that other restos use. 

Their buffalo wings are spicy, but not that spicy, although you can actually ask the staff to either spray it with their hot sauces or add a bit of their powdered spicy flavoring. For both flavors, the chicken meat is actually juicy and tender, not overcooked and dry.  But overall, it's not bad.. but it's not mindblowing either. 

The fries are just meh. Nothing special. So...yeah.

Crispy Bagnet(Php 205) And Chicken Karaage with Fries(Php 170)

They also served us Crispy Bagnet and Chicken Karaage. Let's talk about the Bagnet first.
I love bagnet, because it's crispy, meaty and delicious, but I don't like Chickapig's Bagnet though.

First off, their bagnet is like 70% fat and 30% meat. The portion is also small, which I can totally understand, but with that fat to meat ratio, it's just not worth the 200+ peso price tag. What I want in a Bagnet is a good ratio of fat to meat and decent size serving. 

The Chicken Karaage is okay. This time they used a powdered sour cream flavoring..it pretty much tastes like the fries from a popular fries stall. The cuts are random in size, but they do measure it by weight so each serving is the same for each customer. It does become a bit underwhelming. 

Final Verdict:

Chickapig is good if you're craving for bite sized snacks and wings. But I think it's a bit too expensive for the servings but hey, feel free to try it out for yourselves and maybe you'll have a different experience.

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