Feast Your Eyes on 8 Seas Food Adventure

A few years back a trend in the food industry was growing and eventually boomed which made it pop up almost everywhere... Food Parks.

2017 was probably the best year for Food Parks as entrepreneurs embrace the food park concept and innovate food that will satisfy the cravings of foodies in such setting. Cool and trendy food items have been invented/discovered through these food parks which is a great contribution to the Philippines' food scene.

 While today, the "hype" for food parks may have died down, and a lot of these have suddenly shut down its operations, there are still those that stand and surviving..

A few days ago, I've featured one of the tenants in this food park, Soogba, which you can read here. Then we got invited to feature the whole food park...which brings me to a disclaimer, this feature will still have my own thoughts and opinions about this place and its tenants. No bias reviews and only honest opinions will be written in these series of blogs even if we got invited to do a feature of 8 Seas Food Adventure.

Also, note that whatever issues that we saw that day, please do believe that we've already notified the owners/representatives so that they may improve and give you the customers a better experience. It is then up to them to take action and hopefully change for the better. :) 


They have a total of 14 Merchants inside and here's a list of the stalls and food that you can find at 8 Seas Food Adventure(these are links to our review for each stall):
  • Soogba
  • Chickapig
  • Ribs & BBQ by Monapao
  • Kocco
  • SamgyeopSaTimog
  • Sushi Shack
  • Cucina ni Paulina
  • Butchataki
  • Above Sea Level
  • Kuxina
  • Mr. Tentacles

 Will update this list from time to time whenever a review has been posted :)

Feast Your Eyes on 8 Seas Food Adventure

8 Seas Food Adventure is a fairly new Food Park which just opened around November 2018. It's located at 122 Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City near GMA Network Inc.

As the name suggests, the theme of this food park is adventures in the sea hence the place is decorated like a cruise ship with nets, lifebuoys and built on a structure similar to a ship. 

Parking Space Available

Most food parks don't have ample parking spaces which may contribute to why people are avoiding going to food parks, but with 8 Seas Food Adventure, there is a good amount of parking space available. Good for families and friends or big groups that come here with their own vehicles.

Comfortable Dining Experience

Like I've said in the review for Soogba which I did a few days ago, they have good dining spaces which don't feel crowded and super close together. They actually have good spacing and an al fresco-ish style of dining. 

8 Seas Food Adventure has 3 floors. Some stores like Samgyeop Sa Timog, Butchataki and Kuxina have their own enclosures and tables and chairs too!

Their comfort rooms are clean and even have bidets. It's not the most luxurious, but compared to other food parks I've been to, what 8 Seas Food Adventure have is definitely better. 

Watch Tower/Bar/Stage Area

At the center is where the watch tower/drinks station and stage is. 
This is where the drinks and booze are purchased! In front of this is actually the stage where performers sing their hearts out for the dining customers.. 

I don't have a photo of the performers last time we went, but I do have a quick footage of them which will be included in the feature video I'll post on Youtube and our Facebook Page so watch out for that! 

They also have this Milk Tea stall to get your drinks from! Watch out for my review of this stall in another blog post! :)

Have a fun night with friends and family!

Almost every night, 8 Seas Food Adventure have guest performers which you can watch and listen to while eating good food inside the food park. They usually start at 7 or 8pm in the evening!

Some thoughts..

There are still a few more stalls that are waiting to be occupied so please expect that the 2nd and 3rd floor doesn't look instagrammable or what since the empty stalls are covered with tarpaulin.

The parking space gets full as the night goes on, so you might wanna visit earlier to get a spot. 

I find it weird that the stage is facing the entrance and not the food park customers, though the music is blasted via the speakers around the place, but I think it'd be more entertaining for the customers to actually watch the performers. Plus, the performers themselves get to interact with the audience as well.  Hopefully they would consider changing the placement of the stage.. :) 

Prices of food ranges from 80 pesos to 400++ php depending on the stall you're buying food from and drinks are around 80 to 200php as well. 

I hope you also give all the merchants a chance by trying out their food, some of them, based on experience, are basically a hidden gem. So you might wanna go exploring the food when you visit 8 Seas..it is after all a food adventure park :D 


So that concludes my feature of the 8 Seas Food Adventure, will definitely make a video about this soon. Note, not all of the stalls open at 4pm..some are open around 11am. But most of them are open 4pm up to 12am.

This food park deserves to be noticed and and tried, we've found a few hidden gems in there that you might wanna try. In the next food blogs, I'll be sharing what I think about the food that you can find in 8 Seas!

Special thanks to 8 Seas Food Park and all of the merchants inside for letting us feature your food park and your amazing array of food.

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