Get Better Banking Experience with GCASH Instapay to Banks: Gone Cashless

What if there's a more convenient way to doing your usual Bank transactions with GCASH's Instapay to Banks?

Long lines, a ton of people and slow turnaround time are just a few things that I hate when going to banks for transactions supposedly as easy as like depositing to your own or a family/friend's account. Mobile banking alleviated some of this by enabling users to do these usual transactions via your mobile phones but it is limited to only do it with those with the same banks. Over-the-counter transactions to other banks often have additional charges that are also as frustrating as it is.

GCash is here to provide you with a faster, more convenient way to better banking experience with Instapay. Enjoy GCash to Bank and Bank to GCash transactions in less than 3 minutes! What's more awesome is that you can use this service to over 30 partner banks nationwide FOR FREE!

Here's how you can start sending money from your Bank to your GCash Wallet:

Cash IN via Debit/Credit Card/Remittance Centers

  1. Download GCash App and Signup for a GCash Account. (Use this link to get 50php on your account upon signup from me: https://gcsh.app/r/bfwfpv9)
  2. Login from your GCash app and tap on CASH IN
3.Select Online Banking and tap on your choice of bank.
        I have my Debit Card registered in my GCash account so I chose Mastercard/Visa Debit Card.
If you will use a non-registered Debit Card, select any of the bank available in the menu and you will see an instruction that you will need to follow to transfer your money from your bank to your GCash Wallet.

4. Enter the amount you need and select NEXT.

5. Wait for the transaction to be validated and checked.

6. You should be seeing this screen once it finishes.

7. Wait for the TEXT MESSAGE CONFIRMATION of the transaction. (This is just a sample transaction I made for this blog post)

8. Check your GCASH Wallet and see your new balance.

To Transfer from your GCash Wallet to Another Bank Account(also to send money to another GCash Account):

1. Login to your GCash App and tap on Send Money

2.) Select Send To Bank

3. Choose the bank of the account you're gonna send money to

4. Enter necessary details like amount, Account Name and Account Number then click NEXT

5. Wait for the transaction request screen to be shown.
6. Wait for the text message confirmation that the transaction is successful.
7. You now have sent money from your GCash to a bank account!

To Link Your ATM/Debit/Credit Card to your GCash App:

1. Login to GCash and Tap the 3 Lines at the upper left corner


3. Tap on My Debit Cards (To link your debit/atm/credit cards)

4. Select ADD A CARD (bottom part) and type in the necessary info.

5. Tap on ADD Card and follow the next procedures(You might be asked for an OTP from your bank if your card has that feature enabled)

6. Your Card is now linked to GCash!

A few things to remember:

1) You must be FULLY VERIFIED in your GCash App to unlock this amazing service.
2) There are limits to transacting via GCash you can read it here: https://www.gabjornacion.com/2019/01/gone-cashless-gcash-ultimate-guide.html
3) This service is FREE of charge!
4) You can do it in less than 3minutes!
5) To get the best experience, you should link your Debit/ATM card to GCash for faster transactions!
6) use GCASH even if you’re not a globe user! This app is open to all networks! :)

Other applications you can use for this GCASH Feature

  1. Pay merchants or online stores that require bank payments easily. Use the GCash to bank feature to pay for your orders
  2. Use your Linked Debit Cards/ATM to fund your GCash wallet and Use other GCash features like Paying Your Bills, Loading up your Mobile Phone, Invest, and Save
  3. Use QR Code Payment to partner stores with your freshly funded GCash Wallet
  4. Send money to family and friends with ease using the GCash To Bank Transfers

I got saved by this exact feature a few months back..

My ATM was not working while in a remote area and had to withdraw cash. Good thing I can transfer my funds from my bank account to GCash and used the GCash Mastercard to withdraw my money!

It was very convenient and saved me a lot of trouble going to a branch and try to have my card fixed(my bank doesn’t have a nearby branch where I was at). I also get to use GCash for other convenient things like buying load for my own personal consumption or paying my bills.

You’re probably wondering if all of this is legit.

Yes it is! Instapay is actually a service offered by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas(BSP) which is just being utilized by GCash. Not many know about this and I think it’s  time people know about this which is also why I’m writing this article to share with you this news :)

Going cashless and utilizing apps like GCash is still not fully adopted here in the Philippines, but I really think it’s a good solution for those who want convenience and being able to transact other things at the palm of your hands.

Hopefully through these efforts of GCash, it can become widely used and accepted by many.

If you want to learn more about the features that GCash is offering, you can check out my Ultimate Guide To GCash post here: https://www.gabjornacion.com/2019/01/gone-cashless-gcash-ultimate-guide.html

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