Feast Your Eyes on SOOGBA: Original Spareribs and Authentic Bacolod Inasal

It's a brand new year and of course my quest for finding the best food and restos in the Metro never stops! Though this post won't have a video feature included yet(my main camera for video is having issues right now), I will still make a quick review of this Authentic Bacolod Inasal resto for you guys!

You've probably seen them on social media, or maybe you're a member of Let's Eat Pare too on facebook and I've shared some of their photos and videos on our facebook page, SOOGBA prides itself as one of the most authentic Bacolod inasal here in the metro and they definitely live up to it!

Another Inasal Resto? Yes, but this one might just blow your minds

Having Bacolod Inasal here in Metro Manila is definitely now new to us. Being dominated by the usual names and others that are saying they are the most authentic Bacolod Inasal, we definitely should be familiar to what Bacolod Inasal should be right? 

I thought so too...but, there's something different about this one. But let's talk about the place first.

It's inside a Food Park

Since it is inside a food park, you'd think that it is quite small or you'll have trouble with seating and all that. This is not the case for 8 Seas Food Adventure, they have a big area for tables and ample amount of seating that feels very nice and comfortable.

The center of the food park acts as the dining area for customers and it is also where the drinks are sold in a kiosk. Soogba is at the far side from the entrance and in front of it are the tables and chairs that you can use to dine in.

Ordering is easy and the staff are very friendly and courteous. You just go line up in the cashier and you can see above an LED Monitor displaying their menu as well as their prices.

Everything here is self serve, so all the condiments, utensils, and other things that you may need are readily available in their stall's counter.

Numbers will be provided to you once you place an order and they immediately cook/grill your order on the spot. Their garlic rice is also cooked on the spot too! You are definitely guaranteed a freshly cooked meal everytime.

You're probably wanting to see what they've got and what I think about the food...so let's talk about that next! That's what you came here for right? haha

This is probably THE Bacolod Inasal..

I haven't been to Bacolod and tried the actual Inasal there, but I have eaten at most of the Bacolod Inasal restos here in Metro Manila and I must say, the taste here is very different. Like I actually think that this is THE Bacolod Inasal that happens to be in Metro Manila..

We ordered their current bundle offering which is Four(4) Chicken Paa with Rice with Beef Kansi. This costs us 999php with free upgrade to triple rice for each person,which is amazing hahaha

Then we added some other food items like the Chorizo Hamonado , Garlic Chorizo, Isol and Gizzard.

Let's talk about the Chicken Inasal

The chicken meat is very tender and beautifully grilled. Definitely not dry on the inside too. Whatever concoction they made to marinade/baste their chicken hits all of the right spots. It's not salty but rather sweet, but I think it is the chicken that's releasing that sweetness I tasted. I'm not really sure, but I do love the taste of this one. 

The portion is very worthy of the triple rice upgrade so it's good that there is the free triple rice upgrade for the bundle hahaha. The rice do taste good too and compliments the dishes well.

One thing that you should do while eating the chicken inasal is dipping it not in the usual kalamansi + soy sauce with chili combo but with their special vinegar which I will talk about below...(it's so good that it has to have it's own discussion haha).

The price of this is 160php with rice, add 30 php to upgrade it to triple rice.

The KANSI is to die for..

I've tried a few Kansi before from other restaurants and most of it are just too sour and no balance on the taste, it's either too sour or too bland. For Soogba's Kansi, it has this smooth taste for the broth, it is definitely not bland, but the sourness is balanced with the saltiness. They use the traditional jackfruit as a souring ingredient which gives off this nice tangy-ness and a bit of sweet notes to the dish.

The beef is tender and very tasty too! Oh and it has a marrow that you can suck the delicious fat inside it! You won't regret trying this one! The price is 400 php and good for 3-4 persons

Don't forget their other Grilled Meats!

The Chorizo Hamonado and Garlic Chorizo are both delicious and good to be paired with the chicken inasal, you can also order those and just add rice if you don't want it with the chicken. The hamonado variant is sweet and garlicky similar to the ones in Cebu while the garlic variant are for those who love the garlic taste with smoky meat. 

The ISOL or the chicken ass is one special treat! It is very moist and tender and have a sweet taste that makes you want more! Very good pulutan if you ask me hahaha

The Gizzard or balunbalunan in tagalog, is also one tasty treat that you should not miss on trying out.

All of these are priced at 80php each stick. Very affordable!

Want to take the taste a level higher? Try this!

Instead of going with the usual soy sauce with kalamansi and chilli of the dipping sauce, try Soogba's SINAMAK. It is a homemade spiced vinegar by their partners at 182 Casa Lontoc.

I swear, this is one heck of a vinegar! It is sour,spicy, sweet, salty, it is everything! It's not overwhelming though! It's like taking you to journey of flavors that pretty much elevates the taste of their grilled meats. It adds a nice zing and helps bring out more flavors to the chicken and other meats.

If you eat alot with it, you'll find yourself sweating from the spiciness but will leave you smiling and content with what you've just experienced. Hahahaha 

You can also buy one if you loved it just like one of my friends who came with me to Soogba that day..
I think it's only 100php for the bottle you see here. 


Final Verdict

My experience with Soogba was one heck of a tasty joyride that will surprise your tastebuds with each bite. The quality of their meats are very high and you are sure that it is clean and freshly cooked everytime. The portions and servings are generous and definitely reasonable when it comes to price. 

The Sinamak takes it to a whole new level and having it along side their food is definitely a good pairing. 

When I asked my friends what they thought of Soogba, they said it was great that they tagged along with me to try this resto out. They loved the taste of the chicken and grilled meats as well as the kansi. Both of them are satisfied with the food and the price. They are actually planning to bring their other friends and family soon too! 

Personally, I would also invite my family to eat here and would recommend this to others who would love to try Soogba's Inasal. :)

I hope you guys reading this would try them out too! 
And in-case you would...here's where you can find Soogba.

Where to Find Soogba

Currently, they have 3 branches available:
  • Yp Mall, 1700 Filipinas Ave, Parañaque  - LATEST BRANCH
  • North Hive Food Park, Don Faustino St corner Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio, Quezon City
  • 8 Seas Food Adventure Park, 122 Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City
What I've visited with my college friends is the one in Timog Ave. It is inside 8 Seas Food Adventure, a food park in Timog Ave, near GMA Network Inc.

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