Get Your GCash Wallet Funded!

If you've followed my guide on how to get your own GCash Wallet, you're now ready to fund your wallet! (Here's a link if you don't have a GCash Wallet yet)

There are several methods on how you can fund your GCash wallet and use the app for your everyday needs. It is so easy and convenient, you won't break a sweat!

If you're looking for a specific method, here's a quick links section:
Method 1: Over-The-Counter
Method 2: Online Banking + Use your Credit/Debit Card to Fund your Wallets
Method 3: Remittance Centers and Paypal

Method 1: Over-The-Counter

The Over-The-Counter methods let's you cash into your wallet by going to GCash's authorized partners such as pawnshops, department stores and convenience stores nationwide.

Here are the steps to Cash In using Over-The-Counter methods:

1. Login to your GCash App
2. Tap CASH IN in the dashboard
3. Select Over-The-Counter tab
4. Select your choice of authorized partners to cash in from. Each partner has their own set of steps which will help you fund your wallets through their outlets which will be displayed to you once you've selected one of them. 
5. Just follow the steps shown on the screen for the selected outlet and you're done! :)

Note: This usually requires you to go to the outlet directly. 

Method 2: Online Banking

GCash also have ties with Banks which enables you to use online banking to fund your GCash Wallet.
This is the method that I almost always use since I have registered my debit card to GCash, I'll include below the steps to add your Debit/Credit card to GCash. 

Here are the steps to Cash In using Online Banking:

1. Login to your GCash App
2. Tap CASH IN in the dashboard
3. Select Online Banking tab
4. Select the bank which you want to use for this transaction
5. Each Bank will have their own steps to follow for you to be able to cash in via their bank. BPI can transact directly with GCash through the GCash App. 

One of the most convenient ways to do Online Banking to fund your GCash wallet is to register your Debit/Credit Card in the GCash App. This is what I use most of the time since it's more convenient and I can fund my wallet on the go. 

Note: You need to be FULLY VERIFIED to have this enabled on your GCash Wallet. 
To know more about GCash Verification Levels and how you can get verified, click here.

Here are the steps to add your Debit/Credit Card to GCash App:
1. Tap the 3 Horizontal Lines at the top left corner of the dashboard
2. Select My Linked Accounts
3. Select My Debit Cards
4. Tap on Add a Card
5. Enter necessary details 
6. Tap on Add Card
7. Wait for Confirmation
8. Choose to set as primary card(optional)
9. You're done! :)

Cash IN via Debit/Credit Card

Since my ATM card won't let me get my cash, I transferred my money from my bank account(debit) to my GCash Wallet. It's as easy as this:
  1. Download GCash App and Signup for a GCash Account. (Use this link to get 50php on your account upon signup from me: https://gcsh.app/r/bfwfpv9)
  2. Login from your GCash app and tap on CASH IN
      3.Select Online Banking and tap on your choice of bank.
         I have my Debit Card registered in my GCash account so I chose Mastercard/Visa Debit Card.
If you will use a non-registered Debit Card, select any of the bank available in the menu and you will see an instruction that you will need to follow to transfer your money from your bank to your GCash Wallet.

4. Enter the amount you need and select NEXT.

5. Wait for the transaction to be validated and checked.

6. You should be seeing this screen once it finishes.

7. Wait for the TEXT MESSAGE CONFIRMATION of the transaction. (This is just a sample transaction I made for this blog post)

8. Check your GCASH Wallet and see your new balance.

Method 3: Remittance Centers and Paypal

Prior to the steps below you should do this first:
a. Go To Any Partner Remittance Center
b. Send money to your GCash Account(Ask the remittance center for the details they'll be needing)
c. Wait for them to give you a Reference Number or MTCN number. You'll use this later.

Once you have the Reference Number or MTCN
1. Login to your GCash App
2. Tap CASH IN in the dashboard
3. Select Remittance Centers
4. Select remittance center of your choice(or choose Paypal)
5. Enter the reference/MTCN number and Amount Expected
6. Press Next
7. Wait for verification process to finish
8. Your transaction would be completed and a text notification should be sent to you.


Funding your GCash ain't so hard is it? With all of these options, you can easily fund your GCash Wallet anytime, anywhere! 

I do have a suggestion though, I hope they enable sari-sari stores to be partner agents/outlets that can accommodated Cash-Ins from GCash Users. 

The benefits of going cashless is more apparent if even smaller retail stores can accept payments through GCash and help you Cash In or Out as well. 

It's truly convenient and suits the fast paced environment we now live in. :)

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  1. In Gcash, only debit cards are allowed, not credit. ��


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